ClinCare EDC

About EDC clients

UniWeb’s electronic data capture (EDC) platform is used to collect and manage clinical study data for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and CROs. It has been used in both national and international clinical studies for five of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world. These companies conduct clinical trials of varying sizes, phases (phases I, II, III, IV), and therapeutic areas.

The needs of EDC clients

The EDC client requires an affordable platform to collect and manage clinical study data. Because each clinical study is unique, the tool must be flexible and capable of managing studies of any size and phase. The client requires a robust tool with a rich feature set comparable to existing products. However, what the UniWeb client also seeks is the ability to customize features when necessary. Finally, the client requires that the EDC system is secure and regulatory compliant.

ClinCare EDC

UniWeb designed the ClinCare EDC tool which enables CROs, pharmaceutical companies, and independent clinics to efficiently conduct clinical trials, medical needs programs, registries, and patient reported outcome.

The system facilitates rapid study build and deployment. ClinCare EDC provides a streamlined system that coordinates clinical data collection across the research team and securely manages data during any phase of the clinical trial process while providing built-in regulatory compliance. Full query management, both automatic and manually generated, is integrated for rapid query resolution. Likewise, an audit trail with justification of changes has been integrated into the system to track all study actions within the system.

Created with an intuitive user interface, usability from the perspective of all users is a strength. Additionally, our team has the ability to design custom features to fit study-specific goals.

UniWeb provides an EDC that guarantees that the medical information will be treated in a controlled and safe manner. Our processes comply with 21 CFR Part 11, a requirement in the medical sector. As an ISO 9001 certified company, UniWeb undergoes regular audits to maintain certification and the commitment to quality.

UniWeb has experience with multiple studies per year including follow-up and international studies. UniWeb’s more than 6 years of EDC expertise make us the ideal company to improve your research efficiency at an affordable cost.

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