About ICCollege

The national Intensive Care College (ICCollege) is a working group of doctors founded by the Belgian government in 1999. Assigned by the Ministry of Health, the members of the ICCollege are commissioned with evaluating, promoting, and improving the quality of care in Intensive Care Units (ICU's) in Belgium. Their tasks are accomplished through the implementation of surveys, quality indicators, and recommendations.

The need of ICCollege

To evaluate the quality of care, the ICCollege conducts multiple surveys spanning a variety of topics each year. In order to organize these surveys, a comprehensive platform for doctor and nurse registry and data collection is needed.

The web-based platform should also offer secure access for registered nurses and doctors to enable them to continuously maintain their own profile which gives the ICCollege a permanent, up-to-date view of the Belgian intensive care landscape.

Website and survey platform

UniWeb designed the ICCollege website with a modern look and feel to ensure that users have a pleasant experience while visiting. In addition to an informative website, UniWeb also built a comprehensive platform for ICCollege where doctors and nurses can manage their data. This allows registered users to easily participate in the surveys. Particular attention was given to usability and intuitive use because of the wide variety of profiles among the users. Additional focus was put on security to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality.

Two important parts of the website are the ICU landscape and the survey module. The landscape gives the ICCollege access to a detailed overview of employment, bedding, and specialities among the different ICU's in Belgium. A wide landscape guarantees a trustable survey result; that a large and complete set of data is collected. The survey module ensures that questionnaires are created quickly, provides a reliable platform during the survey lifetime, and guarantees that the reporting file is available when the questionnaire deadline passes.

Another meaningful aspect of the relationship between UniWeb and the ICCollege is our participation in the monthly ICCollege meetings. At these meetings, UniWeb adds value to the ICCollege by co-thinking about how internet technology can be used to achieve their goals. We advise on general improvements to the website, new surveys, and innovative approaches to current issues and challenges. Due to our experience in the health and research fields, UniWeb's contributions are highly appreciated by the ICCollege members, which aids in our success as a valued partner of the ICCollege for more than 10 years.

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