Lapperre hearing profile

About Lapperre

Lapperre is the market leader for assistive hearing devices in Belgium. As a subsidiary of Swiss Sonova, they are an integral part of one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids and other communication systems in the world.

They have more than 80 branch offices throughout Belgium and can count on over 200 employees, including 100 specialised audiologists.

Lapperre prioritises the development of quality medical devices, high-tech innovations, and customised designs to meet the unique needs of their clients.

The needs of Lapperre

Based on academic research, the audiologists of Lapperre developed a validated test that screens for impaired hearing. The test measures the ability of a person to understand words when noise in the direct environment is present.

In order to practically use this test at home, exhibitions, and agency offices, Lapperre needed both an online and a standalone version. The design of such applications would allow anyone the ability to use the Lapperre Hearing Test to screen their hearing ability at home with their own computer or smartphone; or on touchscreen consoles at events, fairs, and agency offices.

Interactive hearing test

UniWeb developed online, standalone, and mobile versions of the Lapperre Hearing Test. With these tests people can self-administer via a computer, mobile device, or pre-programmed console, a screening test to measure their hearing abilities at exhibitions, in the Lapperre agency stores, and even online.

Website -

The online tool, a Hearing Profile website dedicated entirely to the combination of Lapperre’s three screening tests, was developed by UniWeb. Each test is introduced by a textual explanation and a video in which Els De Schepper provides clear instructions on how to perform the test. These videos, together with a bright and spacious layout by UniWeb, guide the user throughout the entire process. After completing the tests, the user receives a global score. Our programmers integrated a dealer locator where users can find the nearest Lapperre agency to consult an expert about the results.

Integration with other websites (i.e., strengthens the reach of Lapperre’s Hearing Profile, providing the free online screening test to the greatest number of potential clients in need of hearing assistance. The increased accessibility of the online platform also has the potential to reach those users at earlier stages of hearing loss.


The console version is a stripped-down edition of the Lapperre Hearing Test application consisting of 10 soundclips, which the user has to associate with the correct word. This application can work standalone for use at exhibitions and fairs. It is controlled by a touchscreen device and features an integrated ID card reader for better user interaction and support. After taking the screening test, the user receives their score which can be discussed with a Lapperre consultant right away.

Mobile app

UniWeb also developed a mobile version of the application to further increase the reach of the Lapperre Hearing Test. The intuitive and user friendly application enables users to test their hearing anytime, anywhere, and receive the results right away.