Online consultation

About Healthcare Belgium

Healthcare Belgium is a non-profit organization established in 2007. It is an association of Belgian hospitals with multiple Centres of Excellence, which demonstrate competencies in a variety of medical pathologies. Healthcare Belgium has collaborative agreements with the Ministry of Health, academic institutions and hospitals. These collaborations are central to the organization’s mission and include academic and clinical knowledge exchange, health technology implementation, and patient treatment. Patient treatment collaboration includes the areas of telemedicine, teleradiology services, and remote medical opinions/second opinions.

Healthcare Belgium is partnered with seven member hospitals and three clinics. One of the member hospitals, University Hospital Brussels (UZ Brussel)is an example of the calibre of the partners in the organization. UZ Brussel is a Centre of Excellence for Cardiology Cardiosurgery, Radiotherapy, Treatment of Diabetes, and Reproductive Medicine.

Needs of Healthcare Belgium

Healthcare Belgium was challenged by the unsecured and unstructured methods used for booking appointments and seeking remote second (medical) opinions at member hospitals. At this time, patients sent an email with their personal information, medical history and questions. However, this unsecured format left much to be desired.

Healthcare Belgium desired a secure platform for online appointment booking in their member hospitals and for remote second (medical) opinions to enable the transfer of all medical information in a secure and efficient manner.

Online consultation

UniWeb developed a platform for online appointment booking in Healthcare Belgium’s member hospitals and for remote second (medical) opinions which is secure (encrypted), structured and compliant.

When visiting the Healthcare Belgium website, the patient is redirected to a secure platform which enables them to transmit their personal and medical data in a secure manner. The request is sent to the hospital of their choice and a medical team assesses and examines the request in the most efficient way. The platform was developed with usability and intuitive design in mind. The structure of the design facilitates an accelerated process for obtaining appointments for consultations. The platform also provides medical specialists with the opportunity to exchange medical opinions with other healthcare professionals.

Separate appointment and second opinion applications were deployed for UZ Brussel as direct variants of the Healthcare Belgium platform. Aside from the general needs of Healthcare Belgium, UZ Brussel has an additional focus on international patients. The branding, look and feel, of the platform were altered for the UZ Brussel variant and deployed with the same high standards of security, structure and compliance.