Ordomedic Web Platform

About Orde van geneesheren

The “Orde van geneesheren” (Order of Physicians) is commissioned by law and is the disciplinary body for medical practice in Belgium. Registration at the Orde van geneesheren is mandatory for all Belgian and foreign physicians that practice medicine in Belgium.

The organization provides its more than 40000 members with advices and updates on both medical and ethical issues. It consists of a National Council, 10 provincial councils, and a French and Dutch Board of Appeal. The Orde van geneesheren is authorized with disciplinary powers.

The need of Orde van geneesheren?

Until December 2008, medical advice from the Orde van geneesheren was distributed through a printed magazine three times a year. The annual distribution of more than 120000 magazines by post became cost prohibitive, and an alternative was deemed necessary. Additionally, the Orde van geneesheren wanted the opportunity to bring all updates and advice to doctors in real-time.

The communication between the National Council, the provincial councils, and the doctors needed to be promoted in a direct and efficient way. As the medical information they exchange is sensitive and private, protection of the data is paramount.

Ordomedic web platform

UniWeb’s solution was to design a contemporary, user-friendly public website combined with a private intranet.


UniWeb developed the Orde van geneesheren’s public website which provides general information on the association and its functions, as well as delivers decades of articles and advices in an easy-to-use and accessible form.

One challenge UniWeb faced was logically untangling and making available the hundreds of advices and articles from the National Council, some dating back as far as 1976. UniWeb developed an advanced search function for the advice articles which can easily be found by searching on keyword (with smart keyword matching to cover synonyms), choosing a theme, or selecting the issue of the magazine in which the advice was first published. UniWeb also developed a search function for their Code of Medical Ethics which enables consulting and creating PDFs from versions on a chosen date in the past.


UniWeb also offers the Orde van geneesheren reliable protection for sensitive medical information exchange over a private and secure intranet. All physicians in the organization have access to an intranet account, which provides them with secure channels of communication among their peers. The platform uses e-ID identification (2-factor authentication) and includes secure messaging and forums. Physicians can upload and share documents in an encrypted format, giving assurance that the sensitive information they are sending is completely secure.