Vinçotte Naviweb

Who is Vinçotte?

Vinçotte is the market leader in inspection and certification in Belgium specializing in quality, safety, and the environment. Headquartered in Vilvoorde with more than 14 branches throughout the world, Vinçotte guarantees flexible and impartial service to more than 15000 industrial customers. Vinçotte offers more than 130 specialized services in the fields of inspection, testing and certification.

The need of Vinçotte

Vinçotte desired a comprehensive online tool that would follow up a wide variety of certifications conducted by the company. They required the tool to support functions for all steps of the certification process.

Services provided by UniWeb

In response to Vinçotte’s request, UniWeb developed and released the first version of Naviweb in 2006. The online tool ecompasses functionalities to address all parts of the certification process; including first customer contact, making a quote, planning the resources to perform certification, scheduling future certifications, etc.

The tool is available for up to 10 different kinds of users. This includes the Vinçotte employees who plan the certification and handle all relevant communications, as well as the employees who perform the certification. Naviweb offers the latter a complete overview of the certification they should perform, clearly displayed in a calendar.

Both individuals and companies who have successfully passed a certification can also use Naviweb to consult their certification at any time. The tool facilitates the uploading of any document that is requested by Vinçotte in order to satisfy the certification process.

UniWeb is a reliable partner of Vinçotte for more than 7 years and continues to maintain and improve Naviweb.

Other departments of Vinçotte have also started using Naviweb, each with their own specific needs for the flow of the process.