Security audits

McAfee SECURE is an international market leader in the field of website security. More than 400.000 websites are protected using our technology, of which more than 80.000 display the McAfee SECURE logo. McAfee also provides PCI certification to online stores - as part of Visa and MasterCard requirements - in more than seventy countries. Let us scan your network and e-commerce infrastructure for vulnerabilities. Your business is too valuable not to protect it properly!

How does McAfee SECURE work?

We regularly scan your website for security leaks using advanced state-of-the-art technology. Results and solutions are displayed in your personal online dashboard. Companies are entitled to display the McAfee SECURE logo if their websites are scanned daily. Moreover, the logo is only displayed if the website complies with the most stringent security criteria.

McAfeeStep 1 - Port scan

Interactive, dynamic port scans check all IP ports regardless of the complexity of your IT infrastructure.

Step 2 - Network Security Scan

The service is determined for each port and a check performed as to which software is being used. A link is established with our database of security issues and specific tests are launched to detect vulnerabilities.

Step 3 - Web Application Scan

Hackers make use of the application layer in more than 70% of cases in order to gain access. This includes system configurations and programming errors including XSS and SQL injections.

Step 4 - Alerting

You will receive a message by e-mail alerting you to any security vulnerabilities found, which can be viewed in your personal dashboard.

Step 5 - Analysis and Resolution

The online dashboard details the vulnerabilities grouped by priority together with suggested solutions.

Step 6 - McAfee SECURE-logo

Based on the outcome of the scans, the McAfee SECURE logo is displayed including a date stamp.

Pricing daily scanning URLs/IPs1/2

Number of
1 year
per URL/IP
2 year
per URL/IP
3 year
per URL/IP
1 366,- EUR 549,- EUR 732,- EUR
2-3 293,- EUR 439,- EUR 585,- EUR
4-7 241,- EUR 362,- EUR 482,- EUR
8-15 193,- EUR 290,- EUR 386,- EUR
16-31 155,- EUR 232,- EUR 310,- EUR

Pricing McAfee SECURE logos1/2/3

per day x 1.000
1 year
per 1.000
2 year
per 1.000
3 year
per 1.000
1-2 163,- EUR 244,- EUR 326,- EUR
3-9 114,- EUR 171,- EUR 228,- EUR
10-29 81,- EUR 122,- EUR 163,- EUR
30-99 57,- EUR 86,- EUR 114,- EUR
100-299 41,- EUR 61,- EUR 81,- EUR

1 1 year subscription:
(2 x scan 293,- EUR) + (6 x logo 114,- EUR) = 1.270,- EUR

2 2 year subscription:
(2 x scan 439,- EUR) + (6 x logo 171,- EUR) = 1.904,- EUR

3 3 year subscription:
(2 x scan 585,- EUR) + (6 x logo 228,- EUR) = 2.538,- EUR

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Calculation examples

  • One website with a maximum of 25.000 daily pageviews will cost 2.760 EURO p.a.
  • Two websites with a maximum of 6.000 daily pageviews costs 1.440 EURO p.a.

Why McAfee SECURE? TOP 10 Reasons:

  • Generate higher turnover with the McAfee SECURE logo
  • Gain PCI/DSS certification for Visa, AMEX and Mastercard
  • Website security
  • Gain higher Google rankings
  • Competitors use McAfee SECURE
  • Personal Data Protection Act
  • Tool for system administrators
  • HIPAA, SOX, ISO 17799, SAS70
  • Mandatory regulation for trade associations
  • Damage to image costs more!