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CoroPrevention Toolsuite

UniWeb is developing a Toolsuite for the CoroPrevention personalized prevention program (PPP) designed by the Universities of Hasselt and Oulu. The PPP will be validated in a randomized clinical trial with very high-risk coronary artery disease patients in 5 European countries.

The toolsuite consist of a mobile application for the patients and a decision-making dashboard for the caregivers to coach the patient in different domains:

  • Parameter monitoring
  • Medication prescription and adherence
  • Physical activity prescription and tracking
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress management

Some components of the Toolsuite are an EU-MDR class 2a Medical Device.
The Coroprevention project is funded by EU Horizon 2020.
More info on www.coroprevention.eu

Eforto® for monitoring physical reserves and resilience

  • Eforto® is a smart and easy system for monitoring handgrip strength and muscle fatigability as a biomarker of a person’s physical reserves, vitality and resilience.
  • The Eforto® dynamometer (a), mobile app (b) and telemonitoring platform (c) can be used independently by the older person or in a supervised care pathway to monitor changes and early warning signs for diminishing resilience and delayed recovery.
  • The Eforto® solution will be available on the market for monitoring general fitness as of October 2023 and a EU-MDR Class 2a Medical Device version will be available by the end of 2024.
  • UniWeb develops Eforto in collaboration with scientific and clinical research partners in a consortium with a grant from AAL, Vlaio and EU.

More info on: www.eforto.com

Certification management (NaviWeb)

  • Online tool to address all parts of the certification process
    • First customer contact
    • Generating a quote based on advanced calculations
    • Planning resources
    • Scheduling future certifications
    • Overviews of planned and successfully passed certifications
    • Uploading requested documents
    • Monitoring of certification renewal needs
    • Different workflows according to the audit process requirements of each standard
    • Reporting tool to create uniform audit schedules and audit reports online, and to manage or follow-up the status of all remarks
    • Possibility to combine audits for several standards, even with non-linear timelines
    • Document library with templates to generate commonly used documents based on all information available in the database
    • KPIs and custom exports
    • Separate portal for the customer where they can log in and view their audit status, certificates, audit report, etc.
  • Security and control
    • Role-based permissions

LEIF card

The LEIF card is a plastic card which states which directives you have. People should keep the LEIF card in their portfolio so that doctors and care providers can take into account their legal directives

The LEIF card does not replace the will, but it is referring to the person who is in possession of your documents.

  • UniWeb improved the workflow for requesting a Belgian LEIF card
    • User-friendly and accessible form
    • Responsive design (mobile friendly)
    • Belgian e-ID card integration
    • Built-in smart checks
  • Benefits of the improved workflow
    • Reduce mistakes
    • Increased workflow efficiency
    • Shorter waiting time for the card requesters

Customer: https://leif.be/leifkaart/

Medical Doctors Relationship Management (MDRM)

A performant platform to manage data of Medical Doctors via customized workflows.

  • Medical Doctor registration
  • Management of doctors credentials
  • Management Disciplinary cases
  • Management of sanctions and temporary suspensions
  • Planning of meetings and working groups
  • Membership management and payments
  • Integration with the central registries of FOD-SPF

Customer: Belgian Deontology Order of Medical Doctors / Disciplinary authority

Belgian Paediatric Intensive Care Registry

A user-friendly patient registry to collect data on all pediatric patients admitted to Belgian Intensive Care Units.

  • User-friendly data entry
  • Accessible from anywhere, browser-based
  • Secure connection and storage
  • Multi center authentication
  • Audit trail
  • Anonymised exports for data processing
  • Integration with different hospitals for data exchange via API using HL7-FHIR standards

Customer: College of Intensive Care Doctors (Belgian Ministry of Health)

    Medical second opinion portal

    A secure system to give patients a medical second opinion on their condition.

    • Patients:
      • Request a consult / medical second opinion through a secured online portal
      • Based on the pathology the patient is guided with personalized questions
      • Uploading of medical images, lab results and insurance documents
      • Get a medical second opinion within 48 hours by a doctor
      • The patient gets a personal account for better follow-up
      • Online payment of the caregiver
    • Health-care providers:
      • Manage patients
      • Access to medical health records
      • Respond to medical second opinion requests
      • Dashboards & reporting
      • Get notified when action is required
    • Administrators:
      • Manage doctors
      • Escalations if no answer on time.
      • Full customization and integration

      Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO)

      A validated system to let patients directly report on their health outcomes.

      • Patients:
        • Report your health outcome
        • Receive reminders via SMS or voice call about medication and appointments
        • Keep in touch with your health-care provider.
        • Patient education
      • Health-care providers:
        • Patient follow-up
        • Dashboards & reporting
        • Get notified when action is required
        • Manage patients
      • Research:
        • Export of anonymized data
      • Administrators:
        • Create custom workflows and manage questions, therapy groups, users and more.
        • Integration with existing hospital systems to exchange data.

      e-Voting platform

      Validated electronic voting

      • Administrators
        • Fast and easy setup of election rounds
        • Monitor and review data integrity
      • Candidates:
        • Submit their formal application
        • Manage their campaign page
      • Voters
        • Web based - allows voting from anywhere with an internet connection
        • Secure and reliable authentication via eID, 'itsme' or SMS
        • Confirmation and proof of voting
      • Integration with the Belgian eID system and eligible voters database.

      EDC for clinical trials

      A validated platform for data capture in clinical trials

      Major features include:

      • Data Entry: real-time validation, dynamic visits, fields, and forms
      • Monitoring: full source data verification, partial source data verification (targeted approach)
      • Data Review: generate queries, range of default reports available
      • Data Extraction: generated customized clinical data sets
      • Administration: user and site management, trial configuration, user permissions
      • Audit Trail: full audit trail for both subject and non-subject data
      • Endpoint Adjudication
      • Randomization
      • Double Data Entry
      • Training
      • Integration capabilities with other systems such as laboratory data import
      • Subject PDF generation

        Lapperre hearing test

        Validated hearing screening test

        • Validated screening via
          • Self-assessment questionnaire
          • Signal/noise test
          • Tone frequencies test
        • Multi-platform:
          • Web
          • Mobile
          • Standalone console
        • Optimized for touch screen devices
        • Designed for in-store and home use

        Nutricheck mama

        Food recommendations for pregnant women

        • Future mothers
          • Can enroll
          • Fill in their food diary during pregnancy
          • Get reminders to fill in their food intake
          • Get recommendations on food intake
          • Patient education
        • Midwives
          • Can follow-up
        • Researchers
          • Get anonymized data

        Vaccination surveillance

        Follow-up of patients after influenza vaccination

        • Nurse / Clinician:
          • Register the patient mobile number
        • Patients
          • Activation via sms code
          • Get reminders via sms
          • Fill out their daily ePRO during 7 days
        • Clinicians
          • Get alerts in case of Serious Adverse Events
        • Researchers
          • Get anonymised data

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