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Digital Consulting

  • Digital transformation
  • Business analysis
  • System analysis
  • Customer Journey
  • Online Marketing

Design & Build

  • E-commerce solutions
  • Websites
  • Intranets / Extranets
  • Web applications
  • API’s & custom integrations

Maintain & Support

  • Service desk & SLA
  • Performance monitoring
  • Corrective maintenance
  • User support
  • Scheduled audits

Audit & Optimize

  • Security
  • SEO
  • Usability
  • Compatibility
  • Regulatory compliance

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Featured cases

Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO)

A validated system to let patients directly report on their health outcomes.

  • Patients:
    • Report your health outcome
    • Receive reminders via SMS or voice call about medication and appointments
    • Keep in touch with your health-care provider.
    • Patient education
  • Health-care providers:
    • Patient follow-up
    • Dashboards & reporting
    • Get notified when action is required
    • Manage patients
  • Research:
    • Export of anonymized data
  • Administrators:
    • Create custom workflows and manage questions, therapy groups, users and more.
    • Integration with existing hospital systems to exchange data.

e-Voting platform

Validated electronic voting

  • Administrators
    • Fast and easy setup of election rounds
    • Monitor and review data integrity
  • Candidates:
    • Submit their formal application
    • Manage their campaign page
  • Voters
    • Web based - allows voting from anywhere with an internet connection
    • Secure and reliable authentication via eID, 'itsme' or SMS
    • Confirmation and proof of voting
  • Integration with the Belgian eID system and eligible voters database.

EDC for clinical trials

A validated platform for data capture in clinical trials

  • For CROs Major features and functionalities:
    • Data Capture: inclusion, visits, input validation
    • Monitoring: source data verification
    • Management of Data: review data, generate queries
    • Extract Data: extracting clinical data sets
    • Administration: auditing, configuration, and reporting
    • Audit trail: with justification of changes
    • Randomization module
    • Double Data Entry module
  • For CROs
    • Flexibility
      Ability to design custom features to fit study-specific goals
    • Fast setup
      Built to facilitate rapid study build and deployment
    • Easy study maintenance
      SaaS solution allows non-technical staff to easily maintain their own EDC studies
    • Competitive pricing
      Simple and straightforward cost structure
  • For Sponsors
    • Reliable
      Fully validated, regulatory compliant and independently audited
    • Fast setup
      Built to facilitate rapid study build and deployment
    • Affordable
      Simple and straightforward cost structure
    • Pharmacovigilance
      Timely creation of AE reports and secured web access for study pharmacovigilance
    • Data Transfer
      Flexible and compliant to any standard data format
    • Customizable reports
      Download data in multiple formats
    • Multiple studies
      Ability to conduct multiple studies on the same platform simultaneously
    • For Participating Sites
      • Web-based
        Software as a Service (SaaS), the system is available on any browser, anytime, anywhere
      • Modular build
        Easily navigable
      • Web-based
        Software as a Service (SaaS), the system is available on any browser, anytime, anywhere
      • Intuitive user interface
        User-friendly and easy to use
      • High performance/ speed
        Superior data quality, faster
      • Online queries
        Full query management, both automatic and manually generated for rapid query resolution
      • Multi-system support
        Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile

    Lapperre hearing test

    Validated hearing screening test

    • Validated screening via
      • Self-assessment questionnaire
      • Signal/noise test
      • Tone frequencies test
    • Multi-platform:
      • Web
      • Mobile
      • Standalone console
    • Optimized for touch screen devices
    • Designed for in-store and home use

    Nutricheck mama

    Food recommendations for pregnant women

    • Future mothers
      • Can enroll
      • Fill in their food diary during pregnancy
      • Get reminders to fill in their food intake
      • Get recommendations on food intake
      • Patient education
    • Midwives
      • Can follow-up
    • Researchers
      • Get anonymized data

    Vaccination follow-up

    Follow-up of patients after influenza vaccination

    • Nurse / Clinician:
      • Register the patient mobile number
    • Patients
      • Activation via sms code
      • Get reminders via sms
      • Fill out their daily ePRO during 7 days
    • Clinicians
      • Get alerts in case of Serious Adverse Events
    • Researchers
      • Get anonymised data