Digital certificates

Doing business on line requires a secure connection to protect sensitive data (e.g. credit card number) during transmission between your visitor's web browser and the web server, indicated by a closed lock icon within a browser. This means that the data they submit can't be viewed, intercepted or altered.

UniWeb offers three types of digital certificates for your domain name and web site. All certificates are issued by Geotrust.

GeoTrust RapidSSLTM
QuickSSL PremiumTM
True BusinessIDTM
Validation type Domain Validated Organization Validated Organization
Validation method E-mail / DNS / File

E-mail / DNS / File

Proof of Organization and WHOIS
Delivery time 1 hour (during business hours)
1 hour (during business hours)
3 Day Average
Included in Product Certificate only Certificate & Site Seal Certificate & Site Seal
Name in Seal N/A Domain Name Organization & Domain Name
Term 1 year 1 year 1 year
Price (VAT excl.) € 59.00 € 105.00 € 135.00
Order Order Order


The leading low-cost security solution, offering up to 256-bit SSL encryption with identity authentication and 99% browser compatibility.

RapidSSL offers popular low-cost certificates that are issued in minutes. The wildcard option is also available.

QuickSSL PremiumTM

Offers strong 256-bit encryption signed with a 2048-bit root certificate. SAN options are available (contact support).

By ordering a QuickSSL Premium certificate, a dynamic site seal is provided that you can install on your website.

QuickSSL Premium Sample Site Seal

GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium

This GIF is a real True Site site seal. The actual site will disable right click and save features and will display YOUR company name and a live date / time stamp.

True Business IDTM

Similar to QuickSSL Premium except your organization's name will be included in the certificate. SAN and WILDCARD SAN options are available (contact support).

The result?

Greater customer confidence and 24x7 assurance, more e-commerce activity - and a significant increase in online revenue.